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Mindset Coaching


My life has taken many twists and turns both in my career and in my personal life. Following the passing of my father in 2010 I realised that I was comfortable, life was good, my life was safe, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I had a good life and I wasn’t unhappy, there was simply something missing. I wanted more!  


I was fortunate enough to have an extraordinary mentor supporting me and turned a truly difficult experience into a life changing reflection and evolution. With support and guidance I began the journey to find me. I began my personal development journey in the mid 1990's and have experienced acute trauma multiple times throughout my life, but this was a turning point. Rather than it simply being about grief or doing 'the work' it was about becoming more me and enjoying doing it even when it was hard and scary.


Before then I was sitting on the sidelines. I was watching the fun from the spectators seats wishing it was me. I was pushing myself to do all of the things but wasn't truly listen to my heart and taking care of myself. I had plenty working against me, but deep down I wanted it. I wanted my 'more' in my own way that worked for me.


Over almost 3 decades of learning, studying, working, leading teams, teaching; Pilates, yoga, meditation and music and work with mentors, coaches and counsellors.

I live my 'more'. I face challenges and fear and find a way to approach them and work through them and help others do the same. I'm 45 years young in 2020 and continue to defy my age in so many ways including youthfulness in my attitude and past times with a wisdom beyond my years from the sum of my life experiences, my pursuit of deeper understanding and my desire to support others to achieve what I have without the tumultuous journey. I am here to bring to you the 'more' with the wisdom of learning and life experience so you can take your shortest path to the good stuff.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to be healthierhappier, having more fun while still doing all the good juicy stuff in life.

Boredom and feeling stuck has crept in on your life.

Stressed, anxiety and overwhelm make more appearances than you'd like.

You'd like to feel more empowered to make more choices that feel really good.

Discomfort in your body physically, how it works, what it will or won't allow you to do.


Feeling uncomfortable in your body, in your skin and want to feel good.

You want more out of life, to shake things up.


It is possible to do things differently - things might be ok, but you feel like there's something missing, something more for you and you can't quite put your finger on it or your not sure how to move forward. 

Have you ever thought of yourself as the black sheep, the problem child? It doesn't mean you're a rebel, but the idea of being labeled or pigeon holed make you feel limited, on edge or just plain not right. 'Boxes' are to help other people feel comfortable, not you. The more you create your own shape the less you feel like the black sheep, because who wants to be a sheep anyway.

You desire feeling excited about what you can do each day, to be present and see the fun in the every day, even the most mundane, the big emotions, the hard stuff.

Honour all of the your emotions, including the big ones - being able to tune into how you're feeling and how you work with it is powerful. Happy is easy, but what about the rest? We work with honouring all your emotions, your seasons, your modes and how you can nurture yourself and fill your cup in each of them.

Stop beating yourself up for not doing things the expected way - one of my least favourite words is 'should', rather than doing something the way others believe you 'should' do it finding your own way, a way that works for you feels so so so much better and is way more fun especially when you have your own personal coach and cheer squad supporting you.

Miracles are possible. You can feel that there is no limit to what you can achieve despite what you think about yourself right now. 

You can do almost anything you dream about no matter what people have told you you can't do - with Chronic Fatigue, anxiety that played out as hyperactivity and a hyper mobile injury prone body, I was told there were so many things I would never do. I now do those things and more in my own unique gentle way, and at a higher level than I thought I ever could. Like seriously I never dreamed I'd ride a mountain bike or start my own business and yet I've done and do both of those things and so much more.

Your vision, dream or goal is possible - allowing that dream vision to grow inside you without limitations, setting it free and taking aligned action with infinite patience will take you to places you didn't dream was possible.

Learn to trust yourself and know that you’ve got your own back and you'll be able to trust others more because no matter what you can trust your gut, you intuition, you will always have your own back and you will always be ok.

If there something that you deep down want to do, but it looks too hard, too scary, impossible, you can totally do it, in your own unique way - I've always wanted to try skateboarding, but at 45 I had no idea, was shit scared and didn't want to look ridiculous. I'm doing it anyway. I'm a beginner and freaking loving it and the people I meet are so supportive and encouraging. And for me mountain biking which I started at 40 is bushwalking on two wheels, slow and steady and being in the moment, being present rather than hard core 'sending it' down a big arse hill as fast I can (although the occasional technical ride and jump session is good fun and makes me feel like a kid).

You can achieve your dreams learning to work with what you have rather than what you wish you had?

We can find your own unique way to do all the deep work while making it fun.

Tell me more. on...

5 Steps to Fun and Play

- Mindful Movement: connecting into your body, all parts of your body right down to your fingers and toes and any of those parts of you that may feel a little disconnected

- Breath: breath is life so let's make the most of it and give your body, mind and soul every chance

- Play and Adventure: we work on finding the fun in the every day and the value and why in that as well as bridging the gap to playing especially when it seems like it's not possible for you

- Food: nourishing both your body and soul we play with what supports you, what feels good, how it supports you and how it can be playful and fun, not just a necessity

- Powerful Conversations: because powerful conversations is where the good stuff happens to support your growth and evolution into what your heart desires 

There are no boxes! No checklists. We work together to find your own way, with your own flavour, in a way that feels really good for you. I guide you and 'stand' beside you to find clarity in your vision and goals and how to move toward those in a way that feels really good for you. Your experience is guided by you.

We work on finding your way to show up for yourself and do it your way. To understand your value to yourself, family, friends and colleagues. And better recognise, acknowledge and express ideas, emotions, whatever it is you feel called to express in an effective way amongst many other things.

I've proven to myself and others time and again that no matter where you start or where you're going 'learning to work with what you have rather than what you wish you had' will take you further than you can possibly imagine with far more ease and less stress. You have so much more inside you than you possibly imagine.

It's about having fun while having a quality coaching experience because doing the work doesn't have to be heavy and hard...don't get me wrong there's work to be done, but let's find your way that's unique to you.

Let's Play and work out what we can do to move to there.
If you like to know more book in for a Virtual Walk and Chat to begin your journey to find your something more and making it happen.
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