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Dare to Be Awesome
90-Day Challenge

15 week online group coaching experience

Dare to be Awesome is a super fun, online group space for women to embark on a 90-day challenge. A space that feels safe, with support and no judgement.

Do you have a goal that you want to achieve, but setting out on your own is daunting?

Do you want to try something new, but don’t know where to start?

Have you ever wanted to try something new and doing it out in the big scary world is overwhelming?

Do you want to change a habit or create a new one and would like the support to help keep you on track?

Do you want to challenge yourself to do something for 90 days?

Do you fear having an off days and feeling like if you’re not feeling motivated or it’s worth doing or continuing?

Have you ever fallen ‘off the wagon’ and felt defeated by the blip?

Have you ever not known how to restart or gave up?

Have you felt a little lost and alone while embarking on something new or working toward a goal.


Do you desire diving into the pages of Women Who Run with the Wolves imagining yourself witnessing the Butterfly Woman moving her long hair that reaches the ground and luscious curvy body to the rhythm of mother nature as the sun goes down over the desert canyon for as little as 10-minutes a day?

Do you feel drawn to put pen to paper and write about the golds and reds of the setting sun shimmering on the water surrounding the yachts bobbing on their moorings with a gentle breeze on the harbour as you breathe in the fresh salt air as a daily practice?

Have you ever wanted to

Challenge yourself

Learn something new

Create a new habit

Break an old habit

Achieve a goal

Try something new

What if you had your own little cheer squad to turn to when you weren’t quite sure what next?

What if there was a safe environment and support system to guide you on your own challenge regardless of what it might be?

Your options are limited only by your imagination and what you want to do.


My first Motatapu Mountain bike event (technically it was a race) was 5 months after I first started riding and I sucked! But I did it and went back for a second time. Next time around I got some help and sucked less and had a heap more fun and in much tougher conditions. This is round 2, I didn't look this profesh first time around.

IMG_0918 2.jpg

Before I dared myself to suck at making videos for 90-days there was no way I would have been holding a microphone, let alone on the red carpet interviewing people for camera, and now I love it.

Why Dare to be Awesome?

Because playing and giving it a shot and daring yourself to suck at it is way more fun than when you put pressure on yourself plus it takes the edge out of the expectation to be perfect because you’re daring yourself to give it a go regardless of what it looks like, how it turns out and any kind of rollercoaster you may experience along the way.


The concept was born from me challenging myself in various areas of my life and business and by daring myself to suck I far surpassed my own expectations because I wasn’t caught up in what it was ‘meant’ to look like and instead showed up how I was in that moment and did it anyway.


I like to think of it as a child building a sand castle. The first one is pretty basic, perhaps the sand is too dry, the next one the sand is too wet, then it’s too close to the sea and gets washed away. As they keep building sand castles they learn just the right texture of sand and where to build it and start fine tuning and gradually the sand castles get better and better and more complex with moats and tunnels and bridges and windows and all sorts. Along the way there are frustrations, tantrums, interference (someone stomps on it, other kids, parents, animals, whatever). And they still keep building sand castles. Perhaps not that same day, but they come back to it each time they’re at the beach.


So let’s build our metaphorical sand castles together.


Let's Do This

I’m inviting you to join me as I guide you on your own 90-day challenge to Dare to Suck in a 15 week program delivered in a Women Only Private Facebook Group

The experience is a 15-week duration with week one prep followed by our 90-days of ‘Daring to Suck’ together and a week to close out, reflect and think about how we want to take our experience progress to the next level or transfer the learning to other areas in life.

There will be

Weekly lives + plus bonus lives

A safe space to post / check-in and update on your challenge with support from the community of women

Check-ins for how your 90-day challenge is progressing

For ladies on the Gold Coast and surrounds there will be an in-person meet up – optional attendance

Plus other bonus surprises for all


Your challenge doesn't mean you have to do the same thing every day. It could be a goal at the end of the 90-days or you do one small thing every day that takes you closer to that goal, overcoming a fear, stepping outside your comfort zone or whatever intention you choose to set.

Week 1- Monday, 16 March 2020

We delve into the why and finding your challenge to embark on for the next 90-days

Weeks 2-14 (90 days)

Let’s get cracking

Weekly tips, tricks, ideas, support

Any questions and obstacles you run into along the way

Community support from the other women working through the challenge of discomfort, consistency and any doubts or fears that arise.

ok, so I know it's actually 91 days so you get a bonus practice day


Week 15


Reflect on day 1-90 progress

What next

I'm in, how do I get started?

I'm stoked you want to come and PLAY and dare yourself to suck at something for 90-days with support and your very own cheer squad.

You can choose to play up front with the second release Early Bird offer of  $120 before 8 March (normally $150) and as an added bonus the first 10 ladies to enrol receive a complimentary 1:1 session valued at up to $400. Plus the earlier you join the challenge the sooner you can to take advantage of bonus material in the facebook group, begin to get to know your fellow sand castle building playmates and start dreaming up your challenge.

Or there’s a playment plan available $57.50/month over 3 payments. You'll be added to the facebook group as soon as you join the challenge allowing you to take advantage of bonus material, begin to get to know your fellow sand castle building playmates and start dreaming up your challenge.

Important stuff to know

Please make sure you read our terms and condition prior to registering for a coaching experience, workshop or event.

You can find our Terms and Conditions here as well as the link at the bottom of every page. 

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