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Daring Sisters

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Daring Sisters is a small community of women who dare to be awesome. We play, conquer, be messy, laugh and cry and share the squiggly squiggly rollercoaster of experiences over 3 months together, and if you run into any speed bumps or fall off your metaphorical skateboard in this safe space you know that you have me and your daring sisters alongside you who won’t judge, who will help you pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off and find your own way through.

Daring Sisters is a safe space of support and guidance with no judgement from me or the other daring sisters in the group. You will feel truly supported as we will hold space for you to experience and feel all that you need as you explore and discover all layers of yourself. You have the opportunity to challenge yourself in your own unique way. We are all on our own version of the same wild ride and having your own sisterhood of Daring Sisters by your side has been been created to lift each other up and stay on your game.


We don’t need to do these things alone, we are a sisterhood, a metaphorical village of support and you don’t need to beat ourselves up if you’re dealing with a road bump or hiccup. We’re here on this ride together.

For 3 months we hang out together on Zoom and in a private group with a rolling start for anyone who joins prior to the official commencement date.

If you want more play in your life, to learn to see the fun in the every day and to work on some of those less comfortable things in a supportive environment. Daring Sisters may be a fabulous truly caring safe space for you.

To learn more about Daring Sisters book in for a complimentary chat

I dare you to be awesome!

Let’s Play!

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