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Brave Spaces Book Club

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The Brave Spaces Book Club is a gathering to dive into conversations based around a book. Unlike a traditional book club the book prompts and guides the conversations rather than a dissection of the book.

This gathering is about connection and conversations, diving into topics in ways that you don’t ordinarily have the opportunity to discuss. We are going to have conversations that allow you to see things from different people’s perspectives. Opening ourselves up to new ideas, how we navigate our personal and professional worlds and what we can actions we can take, if we choose. All with the intention of supporting self development.

It doesn’t matter if you read or listen to the book, although you will get more from the conversations if you have.

The time we spend on each book is guided by the facilitator and the group gathered ie it may be 1 month, 2 or 3 months giving time for you to complete reading or listening to the book and get the most out of the discussions.

Bi-monthly gatherings are held in-person and online on alternate fortnights, keeping things flexible, light and enjoyable.

The book guides conversations so you can join in at any time!

And allows for members who may be only be able to participate at one of the available times each month.

Bi-monthly gatherings

In person

2nd Wednesday month

10am AEST


4th Tuesday month

6:30pm AEST / 7:30pm AEDT / 4:30pm AWST / 6:00pm ACST


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  • September 24, 2022


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