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Change. It’s a Funny Old Thing

Change takes you out of your comfort zone, shakes things up and leaves you seeking your new equilibrium. And can make you do some crazzzy things at times.

We can choose change, or change can happen in our little world or perhaps around us.

Our primal goal in life is to keep ourselves safe. It’s part of our history keeping us safe from being eaten by predators, hit by cars and all manner of situations. However it can also get in our way.

The neural pathways for safety are strong, well used superhighways of messaging and they serve us well, so change that doesn’t feel ‘safe’ can be like taking an unknown exit off that superhighway to an unsealed road you’ve never traveled down and it can feel uncomfortable, so freaking uncomfortable.

As neuro plastic beings we can choose to create a new pathway. It might feel like bush bashing at first until the path through the grass let’s us through, until the grass is well trodden and it gradually gets easier and easier to walk eventually allowing us to calmly use that path with ease.

So what do I do about it and what can you do about it?

Firstly learning to accept that you’re the one who is adjusting and take a moment to reflect on the situation.

Then it’s journal time. Ask yourself.

What about this change is unsettling and unnerving me? Is it something that’s inside me or is there something happening that isn’t ok for me, or a combination. Ask yourself better and better questions about what you are feeling and what it’s really about.

And ask yourself. How can I benefit and grow from this?

Then ask what are my boundaries in the situation? What am I willing to adapt to and accept and what is not ok for me, what am I not available for? What am I available for? You can then make your choices, how you respond to the change in alignment with these boundaries.

Have you reflected on how you adjust to change?

Do you identify with being challenged by change?

If you’d like to chat about your relationship to handling change please feel free to message me or book in for a for an obligation free Cup of Tea chat

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