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Check your tech

A very useful production habit has come up a couple of times in the last few days that I consider automatically, but that doesn't mean everybody does.

Test your gear and get familiar with it. I always test my gear before going out on location or set or doing a call or recording, even if I've used it before. I need to know it'll work when it counts.

If you're doing a live stream or recording a podcast check if the internet connection is stable. Have a backup if you're not sure.

If you're recording or video'ing to your phone check it's charged and you have enough storage. Put it in flight mode or do not disturb mode.

If you're using a USB mic it needs to be plugged directly into your computer…if you’re on a Mac with a single USB C adapter (ideally an Apple one). Going through a hub doesn't work. Annoying, but once you know it's an easy fix.

And if you want to be really sure do a practice run.

You don't need to get all fancy, I'm a huge advocate for keeping it simple, but you want to know it works when you need it.

Checking your tech before you need it means that you have time to fix or adapt to the situation. Find the best solution to make it as stress free for you and your guests, colleagues or clients if you're working with someone else.

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