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Efficiency is the ultimate version of ‘lazy’ and getting shit done

Somehow I ‘magically’ got results that I was told I wasn’t working hard enough to get.

I lost count of the numbers of times I was told I was lazy, didn’t work hard enough, wasn’t putting in the work when I was a child.

Was I lazy or simply working smarter not harder?

I have no idea, but whatever I was doing worked.

As I got older I got caught up in doing it the way I was ‘suppose’ to rather than the way that came naturally. It didn’t work.

Full circle and I’m back to efficient and ‘lazy’

Support, processes and systems that allow me to do what I’m good at and then someone else can pick up where I left off and do the parts they’re good at. Sure I could do it myself more slowly and less well, but why would l?

Working on a shoot creating forms that the crew fill in that feed directly into spreadsheets that automatically feed into other spreadsheets and systems avoiding double handling and chasing information.

I love writing, I’m an ideas and creative person. I write all my posts. Then my VA takes care of the parts that I don’t enjoy and am not so great at. In the mean time I get on with supporting clients and other things I’m really good at.

We worked together to put everything in place to make it possible so she knows what I want and need and I know it’s done the way I like. No need to micro manage, my brain space is clear, she knows I trust her and I can jump into it any time if I want to.

Voila, I’m being the ultimate version of ‘lazy’ and getting shit done and I say bring it on.

It’s efficient, intelligent and a way more fun and freeing way of working.

Do you feel like you’re chasing your tail and doing all sorts of things you’re not great at and don’t enjoy? Send me a message to chat about how you could change things up for yourself to be more efficient and fun.

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