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For some reason I decided I wanted to learn to skateboard

I’m a massive advocate of play, downtime and moments we give to ourselves to feel truly present and alive. When things get serious it’s so easy to forget to play, even I forget so I’m going to keep going, it’s part of my self care, it’s the core of my business.

I gifted myself a skateboard and lesson for my birthday about 18 months ago and then life happened and I didn’t practice. When I had my lesson with Jesse @rocknslideskateboarding I was super timid, genuinely scared (excited scared) and literally didn’t know how to stand on a board let alone push along, carve, start, stop safely, you name it. It was such a fun lesson and at no point did I feel like I couldn’t do it.

This afternoon was super fun with plenty of eek, oh sh*t (slide right to see the videos) and even a stack. Any other skater or person who knows how to skate that I met while out playing was super encouraging. And I had my flatmates nearby to help me keeping laughing, including at my whoopsie (no sympathy from the doctor in the house 😂)...I did eventually make it to the bottom and make the sweeping left turn 🔥

If you‘d like to go skateboarding while getting coaching drop me a line. I promise to wear all the bubble wrap (protective gear) so I look way dorkier than you and help you look good at it because I don’t 😉

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