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Have you ever considered servicing and safety checks for your mind, your body?

Consider this

A car is a complex piece of machinery that comes with a manual, gets serviced regularly and has to pass a yearly safety check. If we don't service it regularly it doesn't run as efficiently and begins to break down. A car is something we can choose to upgrade when our circumstances change, our desires change, it gets old, worn out or no longer serves the purpose we require.

We are far more complex, we don’t come with a manual, we don’t have to get regular safety checks and generally speaking we don’t get services. We treat our cars better than ourselves and unlike a car that we can replace easily we only have the one mind and body for the duration.

So why not service our minds, as well as our bodies?

How do you take care of yours?

Like to find out more about how you can allow yourself to flourish now and for the long haul? Message me for a complimentary session to have a fun, playful conversation.

Let’s Play!

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