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I wanted more

My life has taken many twists and turns both in my career and in my personal life. Following the passing of my father in 2010 I realised that I was comfortable, life was good, my life was safe, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I had a good life and I wasn’t unhappy, there was simply something missing. I wanted more!

I was fortunate enough to have an extraordinary mentor supporting me and turned a truly difficult experience into a life changing reflection and evolution. With support and guidance I began the journey to find me. I began my personal development journey in the mid 1990's and have experienced acute trauma multiple times throughout my life, but this was a turning point. Rather than it simply being about grief or doing 'the work' it was about becoming more me and enjoying doing it even when it was hard and scary.

Before then I was sitting on the sidelines. I was watching the fun from the spectators seats wishing it was me. I was pushing myself to do all of the things but wasn't truly listening to my heart and taking care of myself. I had plenty working against me, but deep down I wanted it. I wanted my 'more' in my own way that worked for me.

Over almost 3 decades of learning, studying, working, leading teams, teaching; Pilates, yoga, meditation and music and work with mentors, coaches and counsellors, I have learnt to work with what I bring to the table. I have learnt to work with what I have rather than what I wish I had and have found my own unique way to play. And if I ever want more I now know how to create that for myself and when to find support.

Now I live my 'more'. I face challenges and fear and find a way to approach them and work through them and help others do the same. I'm 45 years young in 2020 and continue to defy my age in so many ways including youthfulness in my attitude and past times with a wisdom beyond my years from the sum of my life experiences, my pursuit of deeper understanding and my desire to support others to achieve what I have without the tumultuous journey. I am here to bring to you the 'more' with the wisdom of learning and life experience so you can take your shortest path to the good stuff.

Let's Play and work out what we can do to move to there.If you like to know more book in for a Virtual Walk and Chat to begin your journey to find your something more and making it happen. Book in for a virtual walk and chat at

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