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Lead with your calm

Everything was in place. We had our A team standing by ready to roll. Security called to alert me that the talent was only moments away.

Then it happened. Members of the client team were out of their familiar environment. There was fluster, people everywhere, important things forgotten.

I took a beat, assessed the situation in seconds, set my support team of runners in motion and stepped in to create calm while getting those essentials done.

Meanwhile the studio team were standing by ready when we were.

We quickly adapted.

It didn’t end there.

The clients’s schedule didn’t go to plan.

We’d prepared for this scenario. We had set ourselves up to be flexible around certain non negotiable WHS and practical parameters.

Leading the team and honouring the client while taking control of the situation my calm confident manner allowed me to ensure we remained on track.

The shoot was a roaring success.

Planning and communication are key along with knowing how and when to gently guide versus step up and be firm.

Are you struggling with playing the line of delivering for your client and honouring what you know will achieve the best result?

Not sure how to allow clients to lead and at the same time truly know that they have engaged you for your skills, knowledge and expertise?

Send me a message and let’s chat

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