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Receiving is as important as giving

Think about how you feel when you make a genuine offer and it is rejected. Our pride, ego or inability to receive for whatever reason also affects the person giving not just ourselves.

When we reject someone's offer, act of kindness, act of giving; regardless of their intention, we are diminishing the offer by declining it. In a way we're rejecting someone else, we’re declining the offer of an act, a payment, whatever it is from someone who wants to give it. ,By offering they’re saying they want to do and give those things to us in whatever form.

By not allowing ourselves to receive and accept we’re saying no them, to the energy they are offering while also saying no to filling our own cup, or at the very least ensuring it doesn’t drain too quickly or too much.

Take a beat and allow yourself to considering receiving and the implications both for yourself and the person gifting you whatever it is. You could think of it as a win-win. You're winning because you're receiving something that supports you, buoys you or enriches your life in some way. They're winning because you are honouring their genuine offer and they feel appreciated, wanted, valued. Of course how you go about it is important too.

Remember, allow yourself to receive

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