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What makes me different as a coach?

Firstly, I don’t use a cookie cutter method. I work to peoples strengths and coach in a way that works with them, rather than trying to make people conform to a way that suits me.

Meeting clients where they are at, looking at the whole picture and what they want to achieve both personally and professionally.

How we think, learn and process information is a combination of biology and life experiences creating and shaping us.

I work with the person behind the business so that they can take care of their whole being.

I have a fun kick arse tool kit with plenty to work with to support you in the best way for you.

Secondly, I walk my talk. I have done and do what I support clients with.

Drawing on almost 3 decades of leadership, operations, creative problem solving, project management, processes, systems and logistics combined with over a decade in wellness, education, psychology, NLP studies and so much more.

I have the skills and knowledge to guide you to find the right answers for you and support you along the way. I won’t pretend I have all the answers, but I’m dang good at pointing you in the right direction both internally and externally.

I have never fit into a box and I don’t expect my clients to.

Send me a message if you’d like to find out more about coaching options for you.

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