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When exercise doesn’t feel like exercise

What if you moved in a way that feels so freaking good that it doesn’t feel like exercise. That doesn’t mean you don’t exert effort. It doesn’t mean it’s not hard. But if it feels good it won’t matter because you’re having so much fun doing it you’ll barely notice.

You won’t catch me in a gym...unless I’m teaching Pilates or yoga or similar, simply because I don’t enjoy it. I love adventure and functional movement. Riding one of my bikes, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, riding my skateboard, snorkelling, kayaking, yoga, surfing and my favourite, Pilates. I’m also giving dance a try (dancing while mopping counts too btw - you should see how clean my floors are after a cracking mop dancing session) and I’m always exploring new fun ways to play while also keeping healthy.

What’s your favourite way of moving and keeping healthy that feels so freaking good you forget you’re exercising?

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