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Work and play integration

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

What if your work could look like this? Metaphorically or literally.

Adding play into your work takes what can be a stressful experience and make it next level fun. And when you’re having fun you’re making it fun for the people around you.

Recently I Production Managed a short intense film shoot. Every so often an opportunity arises that excites me and I jump at to dip my toes back into my old life and this was one of them. It's something I do from time to time after multiple burn outs had me reassess and make new choices in my life, career and business. Working in a situation with a short lead in and many aspects that were continually changing kept me on my toes. There were days that I worked 5:30am-1:30am with most of the day spent adapting as changes arose, planning ahead, ensuring everything we needed was in place and dealing with last minute things that to the average person may seem ‘impossible’.

Production and Event Management are up there as some of the most stressful jobs. The people who do it are extraordinary problem solvers, resourceful and adaptable. This time I stepped up the playful approach to the solutions. Not only did we achieve everything we needed to logistically we made it fun which helped with everyone's head space even when we were tested at times.

We needed to be particularly careful with creating a Covid safe bubble meaning we had to minimise our interaction with the general public. Going out for meals or a drink and even picking up take away coffees was to be avoided. With only only myself and a runner as the team behind the team the Producer and I made the decision to include a crew chef. Not only did that ensure we remained contained, we ate the best, healthy, tasty food that accommodated everyone's dietary requirements, seriously it was next level. And the kicker for me as Production Manager, it worked out more cost effective. Hello taking care of ourselves and bottom line. Winner winner chicken dinner (or tofu for the vegetarians and vegans). I've been so inspired that I'm created all sorts of yummy experiments since I got home. The phone had barely stopped and I needed to let off steam. There was a swimming pool that invited me to bring out my inner child...perfect solution. Even though I worked huge days I took the time to play, swimming in the pool, even briefly, (bonus of renting an amazing house for a production office / crew catering / gathering). Short breaks climbing on the bouldering wall (how awesome is it!) and working on my water entires into the pool were highlights that began, ended or broke up the day.

I may not have access to a pool or an in house chef every day, but I always find a way to be playful every single day in my work and in my life in both subtle and more obvious ways.

How do you integrate play into your every day life? Is there something that if you think outside the box is way more fun and also supports you more than you could have imagined?

Want more play in your life? Talk to me

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