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Mindful Movement, Breath & Play

Welcome to movement, breath, play and other health and wellbeing offerings. As new videos are created they will be added to the library and available for viewing.


**Please ensure you always work with how your body is feeling at the time and work within your own limits.

Pilates Breath and Breathing Meditation

In this video I take you through a breath focused practice, diaphragmatic (belly breathing) and meditation and Pilates bucket handle, intercostal breathing technique.

Why Breath is such an important part of Pilates practice

'Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it.'

Joseph Pilates

Mr Pilates felt very strongly about the quality of breath. In his words. 

'Before any real benefit can be derived from physical exercises, one must first learn how to breath properly. Our very life depends on it.' 

Joseph Pilates believed that focusing on breathing was vital.

'It is tragically deplorable,' he once said, 'to contemplate the millions who have never mastered the art of correct breathing.'

He was a very passionate man. 

Pilates teaches various breathing techniques to enhance relaxation, lower blood pressure, and to activate specific muscles that help improve posture. Pilates gives us an opportunity to focus on our breath in a dedicated time and space. We learn to connect our breath to our movement and practice so that it becomes second nature and becomes a part of how we breath and move instinctively.


PS the choreographer I can’t remember the name of in the video is Bob Fosey 😁

Skateboard Pilates Reformer - part 1

This video is an overview of how you can use a skateboard as a Pilates reformer for footwork and bridging exercises.

Short Simple Skateboard Pilates Reformer workout

Footwork 10-12 repetitions of each variation

- heels (hip distance apart)

- balls of the feet (hip distance apart)

- balls of the feet with heels in Pilates V; knees tracking second to middle toes, no wider than your shoulders

- heels out wide, in wide Pilates V ie toes turned out; knee tracking second to middle toes

- single leg heels

- single leg ball of the foot


- Pilates bridge articulating without the skateboard moving x 6

- top bridge press out x 6 - 3 repetitions

Note: Begin with a heavy theraband allowing more control of the skateboard and stabilising your core. Once you are comfortable with your setup play with reducing the strength of the theraband - the lighter the theraband the harder it is to stabilise through your core, control the skateboard and draw the skateboard back to the start position. A lighter theraband also makes keeping the skateboard still while bridging much more challenging.

Pilates Fundamentals

In this video I take you through pelvic floor and core activation, combining your breath with movement and some of the core fundamental Pilates exercises.

Pilates fundamentals are an important foundation for your Pilates practice.

In this video you will practice

- breath

- pelvic tilts

- finding neutral spine

- leg floats

- bridging

- chest lift

- assisted roll up

Breath Awareness and Body Scan Meditation

A short soothing meditation designed for professionals and students with busy minds or someone who are new to meditation and needs something to focus on. The meditation has some pace to give a point of focus throughout and avoids giving too much space for your mind to wonder off and think of a million things.

This easy to follow meditation is short enough to easily slot into your day and can be downloaded onto your device to listen to even in flight mode.

Digestion Support

In this video I take you through a fusion of breath, Pilates and yoga to support digestion.

Activating the parasympathetic nervous system to activate the rest and digest response along with gentle movement that massage the stomach and intestines while also moving your body with mobility and stability, 

This practice may help with stomach and intestinal discomfort and bloating, is good when feeling discomfort and to maintain optimal digestion health.

Please always listen to your body each and every practice. What felt good yesterday or last week may be different today. Work with where your body and mind is at in the moment. 

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