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What People are Saying

A big thank you to Penny for helping me sort thought and unpack a number of complicated situations. Penny was able help me prioritise a number of opportunities, all that had overwhelming aspects to them. Through active listening, Penny helped me zero in on a main focus and also helped me reframe it in such a way that makes it clearer to achieve the outcome I was looking for. Thank you so much!

Conrad Hendricks - Sound Designer and Engineer, Therapist

I was drawn to Penny from the moment I met her. She is charismatic, highly intelligent and incredibly fun to be around with a positive “can-do” attitude that rubs off on those around her. 

She is a fantastic listener and excellent teacher - the first person to ever successfully teach me pranayama! 

I always enjoy spending time with her and often use her as a sounding board for new ideas or ventures. Her feedback is always honest, to the point, and greatly appreciated.

She surprised me with her ability to be open minded despite something not being for her personally. She helped me identify what would bridge the gap for someone like her. Penny’s insight has helped me shape some of my offerings since and she has subsequently attended workshops with me. Penny’s passion and enthusiasm for supporting and serving others is clear from the moment you meet her.

Emma 'Suzie Q' - Author, Meditation and Yoga teacher, Exotic Dancer

When I speak with Penny I feel heard. She really listens and hears what I am saying both on and below the surface. She really sees me and guides me to discover those things for myself when I’m ready. She listens and works with me as I work through something even if I’m not making sense and isn’t afraid to call me on something guiding me to come back to myself on my own terms. Conversations with Penny have led me to explore a path that feeds my soul and feels so right. I love that Penny isn’t afraid to connect me with the right person or people for specific things.

Marta - Life Coach, Valuer

Penny provided a targeted program with a fun personalised delivery style. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and subsequent results through competitions and everyday well-being.  

Pierre - Competitive Surf Life Saver, Mountain Biker

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