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Let's Play!

Playfully inspiring, guiding and empowering you to live your life your own unique way!

Coach // Retreats & Events // Video

Hi, I'm Penny
I’ve done some pretty cool things.

Like the time I walked on stage with Oprah and Bono or the time I stood on the top of the Harbour Bridge with Andrew Farris of INXS. Oh yeah and let’s not forget working with Chris Hemsworth (yep, I can almost hear you swooning, and yes, he’s a sweet-heart!) and the team of Nine Perfect Strangers with Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Regina Hall, Bobby Cannavale and Asher Keddie. But I think my fave story is the time I managed a venue logistics team for the Commonwealth Games (I'm that unexpected small blonde female running a crew of labourers, coordinating trucks and driving a forklift)! You can check out my LinkedIn for more of this type of work and fun here.

All of these things, over 20 years has led me to here - pursuing my passions and creating a life of play!

Check out my first 90-days of ever making videos. Shifting my own mindset about being seen and showing upon video I set myself a challenge to make a video a day.
The transformation...see for I'm complimented on how I'm a natural.
We do the work in a playful, fun way. Let’s Play!
Coach & Mentor
For anyone needing a powerful mindset shift​

Insights, tools, skills and knowledge that you can quickly apply to your life and business. Practical skills combined with mindset shifts to take you to your next level.

Powerful conversations meets movement, breath, mindfulness, wellness, action and most importantly play. Empowering you with the knowledge and skills so that you can ‘follow a script, go off script, write your own scripts and ultimately go script free’.


Every single one of us is different and therefore your coaching experience is uniquely shaped to you in a way that you can implement in your own life, your own reality in a playful approachable way.


Do you want to shake things up, found the usual way has only gotten you so far and now you want or need something else? Whether you're a Lawyer, Event Manager, Sound Engineer, Building Designer, Athlete, Small Business Owner, single parent, someone who doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ I would love to have a powerful conversation with you.

Retreats & Events

2023 Retreat to be announed:

Pixicato Play Retreat

A nurturing escape to nature with a difference. Playful, meaningful, soulful and all created for you to continue using what you learn when you return home.

Bringing you rest, play and growth to fill your cup and support you in a way that has true impact.

More exciting details to come!


Video & Phone Coaching // 

For business owners, entrepreneurs and You!

Video isn't going away and it really is only a matter of time until everyone is on board. You can wait... or you can start today!

Dive into discovering your unique video needs. How video can best support you and your business and the simplest most supportive way you can to achieve it. ​Find simplicity in creating the extraordinary for you and your business.

Penny has worked with
'We now have the confidence we need in our ability to use our equipment correctly and create pieces that look and feel interesting and professional'
Leesa Hallahan, Creative Designer,
Recycled Mats
'Penny made it so easy and simple to sort out my setup. her recommendations are right on the money with our business goals. I look forward to working with her on implementing them' 
Tim Allwood, Founder,
Compass Property Investing
I wouldn't be doing my daily reels without my beautiful friend Penny, and her support and encouragement of doing videos in my own way. And I am really enjoying it.

Katie Tymms, Counsellor, Coach, Nutritionist

I am so much more comfortable in front of a camera and now know how to tap into the right voice when speaking. I learnt a lot about myself through the whole process.

Marta Rogacz, Dating Coach

'I've learnt skills that I will be able to use forever and our entire family get to reap the rewards too' 
Mindy Went, Business Consultant, Mum
Free insights from Pixicato to help inspire you!

Playfully creating magic

Inspiring, guiding and empowering you to live your life your own unique way!

We do the work in a playful, fun way.
Let’s Play!

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