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Playfully inspiring, guiding and empowering you to live your life your own unique way!


We met on the homepage so hello again - if you’ve made it this far, I guess you want to know more!

For 3 decades, I’ve been supporting, inspiring, leading, teaching, empowering and sharing my passion freely.


I have chosen to make it my profession as a coach, to turn an act of serving that fills my heart and soul into a business that supports me, all of me.

I choose to share those 3 decades of knowledge and skills obtained from study, exceptional mentors, teachers and educators along with some challenging life experiences with clients who are ready to take their lives to the next level.

Who am I?

I am Penny, a woman who has experienced a lot in my life. I am a Production Manager in TV & Film, Event Professional, Project Manager, Pilates and Yoga teacher, adventurer and avid advocate of play for mental, emotional and physical health. I have undertaken studies in education, project management, leadership, psychology,  movement, neuro rehabilitation, NLP, and many other things, I love working with people and have an adventurous spirit. ​

In essence, I help people to improve their lives and to discover play again.

I have had a wide gamut of experiences and pursue personal growth and connection at every opportunity. 

Experience working on film and television projects with high profile creatives such as Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin and Austin Butler for the Elvis Movie, household names like Cody Simpson international musician and Australian Swimmer, large scale world class events, theatre productions with the likes of Hugh Jackman and Kenny Ortega. Plus long and short form film production I have great work stories, many of which I forget are exciting for others.

I grew up in Australia, have lived in New Zealand and worked in countries like Qatar and Denmark along with countless other mind blowing experiences.

I have experienced burn out, grief and trauma and have worked with amazing supportive people to turn those into opportunities for growth. I have worked with phenomenal mentors, teachers, counsellors, educators and life coaches and continue to learn every day.

I am a gentle sensitive person who can put on her feisty pants when circumstances call.

I love to play! I love those moments of escape from the 'adult' world. Where nothing else matters except exactly where I am and what I'm doing and it's filled with pure joy and experience. I also love to play within the adult world seeing challenges as opportunities to play in the jungle gym and find my own unique way to choose my own adventure.

I love experiencing and exploring new things in a supportive environment. I live a healthy lifestyle enjoying the outdoors, and while I'm not amazing at any of the things I do, I simply love doing them and they make me smile with that big grin you can't wipe off your face.

I love holding space for people allowing and encouraging them to express themselves, to find the words, their way through all the layers of stuff to get to the core.

I love sharing my knowledge, passing on what so many have shared with me. Guiding, teaching, supporting, inspiring, empowering.

Every day I continue to work on the hard stuff challenging the patterns of my lineage and choosing a new path.

I love to laugh. I may be terrible at telling jokes, but silliness and child like freedom makes my heart sing.

I love animals. I love the pure expression and reaction to what they are feeling. I love the connection with them and I also love that sometimes we simply don't connect because we're not meant to.

I love to teach. Everyone I work with is my teacher as I share the knowledge I have gathered and grow further through those opportunities.

I love to experience things be it mountain biking, road cycling, swimming, surfing, snorkelling, diving, rock climbing, surf ski paddling, snowboarding, painting, windsurfing, jet skiing, horse riding, cooking, yachting, camping, go karting, maybe singing, pottery, pole dancing, circus (who knows) and a heap more I haven't thought of yet. Better yet I love to play. Bring on a quality water fight, back yard cricket or bombs into the pool.

I love doing the little things and finding joy in the things I do each day.

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