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Life is so freaking serious these days. Sure we have to do be grown ups and do the adulting, but we've forgotten how to play. I'm here to guide you to find your mindset that you can take into all aspects of your life. Exactly what that looks like is different for everyone. We do the deep work in a playful, fun way.


Playing involves risk taking. When we played on the monkey bars as kids we risked falling off. When we climbed a tree we risked falling out of it…and potentially getting stung by an infestation of caterpillars (true story). When we rode our bicycles we risked crashing into something…or guess what, falling off.

When we play we dare to fall, we dare to fail, we dare to be awesome. And the best part is that even if we do fall, fail or suck it is fun doing it anyway and we keep doing it. Your world is your sand box, your work, your personal life, your sport, your cooking, your creative outlets are all part of your own personal playground. 


Creating a supportive environment for you to play, I am a coach/facilitator/mentor and production and event professional guiding and supporting people to discover and live their own playful way along the journey of life.

Work with me 1:1 to discover changes you can make in your life to move you toward finding what play means to you and how you can reintroduce that back into your life. It's about finding the joy, the play in your work, home, personal life, training or hobbies.

Together we can find those simple things to improve your life from the inside out and discover how to find play again. Find the joy in the little things, create the moments of play in your life. Learn to play within the things you already have and do or to take time out from your busy life and experience your version of play, to do that thing you've been wanting to do for so long. Or join me on an event or workshop. I'm here to facilitate play for you.

From guiding you to find your own version of play to supporting you to experience something particular you’d like to do or try with a group of friends or you’re looking for like minded people to play with because your usual crowd aren’t up for it we invite you to drop me a line. Location is no limit, 1:1 work is online and events can be anywhere...unless it’s truly dangerous.


For so many people finding like minded people who want to play isn't always easy and finding a way to experience it without the intimidating experience of heading out with hard core people is often even harder. We don't want to join a club or become serious about those things, but want to play and have fun and not feel like a burden on the people we're heading out with. So here I am, I to assist you in creating that supportive environment for you to play.

Let your imagination run wild. Let’s play!

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