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Want to create great videos but don’t have the confidence or not sure how to do it?
Learn how to use your phone to create amazing videos

Struggle to get out what you want to say online?

Feel like you have so much to share but don't know how to express it?

Want to be able to record videos for your social media, paid ads & course modules… using just your phone?


Step 1. Learn the video process & make scripted videos

Step 2. Bend the rules and start creating videos with ease

Step 3. Create your own video style & go script free

Step 4. Be a video pro on the fly!!


Is this you?

  • Know you ‘should’ be using video but are struggling with doing it?

  • Want to make great memories or videos for work and don’t know where to start?

  • Perhaps you’re camera shy and keep putting it off because it’s ‘not you’.

  • Maybe you’ve used the old ‘oh, but I don’t have lighting or I need a better camera’ trick… (ps - you’ll be using your phone - no fancy gadgets!!)

  • Or my personal favourite ‘I’ve got a face for Radio / as soon as I get in front of the camera I freeze up’.​

This was me:

Yep, I can say from personal experience years ago that I said all this and more while not making a single video.

I stalled… and so did my business.


Yes, even someone with over 20-years experience in TV and film production behind the camera working on corporate to high profile international productions can have trouble getting in front of the camera. I have since dedicated 2 years of my time to creating my own videos of myself for my own business to prove that I could do it and get a great following online. And best of all, I did it all with my mobile phone and the best lighting around... sunshine.

The Outcome:

Combine this 20 years in Film & TV with my coaching and teaching background and my new and improved experience in front of the camera, I'm well equipped to guide and support your learning to make your own videos.

Make your own Professional Looking Videos within weeks

Learn how to create videos that educate, inspire and entertain

How to and education videos

Building your personal or business brand

Working in the field videos

Get to know you videos​

A little bit of the production goes a long way

Learn an easy to apply production process that you can apply to your videos straight away. A little production and finessing will see the quality and value of your videos steps up from home made to ooo, that looks fab straight away.

  • Planning

  • Storytelling

  • Scriptwriting

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Angles

Setting up a phone on a small tripod
Camera Confidence

​Tips and tricks to immediately become more comfortable in front of the camera

  • Be received better by your audience

  • Video challenges to help you overcome fear

  • Share stories about yourself and your business

  • Share your passion on camera

  • Share a story about the time something funny happened in your life

  • Editing hacks to help create confidence

  • Eyeline

  • Playing with your vocal range

  • Video is a very intimate experience!

Fear of Imperfection?

Because many of our holdups are multiple fears such as imperfection, failure sometimes we do nothing instead which is the worst thing we can do. Perhaps we should aim for the imperfection of authenticity! Be yourself. Have fun with it. Let your personality shine through and the style of business you have. This of course dictates the type of clients you end up working with, so yeah, let’s show who you really are and generate the right leads for your business by being truly you.

Get the Right Gear For You

Make what you've got work for you - the ultimate workarounds

  • Turn your phone into a high quality camera

  • What gear do you really need - less is more

  • What gear is nice to have

  • Different gear for different circumstances

Every video tells a story - what's yours?
  • Putting the viewer 'in' your video

  • What's your focus

  • Good stories

  • Story Prompts

  • How are you going to tell a story around your point of focus

  • Script delivery

  • Learn how to write a visual script
    Break it down - what do you need to shoot
    Is it just a talking head / delivery

  • How do I deliver that script verbally, delivery?
    Learn acting techniques for script delivery

  • How to record for the biggest impact

  • Intonation & inflection

  • Overlays & B-Roll

Setting the scene
  • Locations

  • Scenes

  • Framing

  • Filling the frame

  • B-roll /overlay elements

Planning Your Shoot

Be able to handle no matter what happens

  • What's Your Focus

  • What's Your Story

  • How do you adapt

  • What location will you shoot?

  • Can you add in interest?

  • What do you need

  • Shooting out of order

Basic Editing...on your phone
  • Easy ways to use your phone

  • Which tools to use

  • Edit your vision

  • Add voice over

  • Music

  • Adding simple text

  • How to use your B-Roll for Maximum Effect

IMG_0877 2.JPG
Music, Sound and More
  • Getting more fancy with editing

  • Layering sound​

  • Stepping up your music game

  • Editing to music

  • Sound effects

  • Transitions

  • Audio levels and fades
  • Graphics
  • Titles
  • Adding your logo as an ident
  • Editing for different platforms and aspect ratios
Interview Skills

Learn how to be a better (and more natural) interviewer & interview guest. This works for video, podcasts, media and more!

Multi-Camera Shoot

How to setup and edit a multi camera shoot. Work with 2 or 3 phones/cameras to capture multiple angles in the moment. Getting the best sound. How to sync the phones for edit and easy editing techniques.

Make Better Educational Videos

Educate, inspire and entertain in your educational videos. Learn how to take your educational videos from dry to interesting and inspiring your clients or students to apply what you're teaching.

90 Day Video Challenge

As part of Be Awesome Video Coaching you'll be part of the fun of a 90 Day Video Challenge!! This was the most pivotal thing that got me over the scariness of being seen. Being part of this supportive, safe environment while learning your video craft! Your video skills will be changed forever - guaranteed!

Video for Movement Teachers

Movement teaching has unique nuances for both video and streaming live. How to capture, express and share your modality to truly connect with your audience in a way that feels good.

Accelerator Coaching

Fortnightly coaching begins as soon as you sign up until the course goes live. Once you sign up your coaching and fun begins.

Check out my first 90-days of ever making videos and now I'm complimented on how I'm a natural.
Fortnightly Group Video Coaching Calls

This is not a DIY course where you'll be left behind scratching your head. We will go over any questions that come up. Incorporating tech support, mindset, confidence & more!!

Fortnightly Fully Interactive Sessions.


VIP Facebook Group Support

You won't be making this journey alone!! Join our VIP Facebook Group & share your videos in a welcoming group environment. Be accountable for your video progress. Weekly support threads - every question answered!

Get started straight away

As soon as you join you get started. Bonus fortnightly accelerator coaching commences as soon as you enrol until the container closes ie you could get an extra month of coaching for no extra cost.

8 Practical Modules That Will See You Go From Zero to Hero Video Creator! (Value $$3,976)

12 Super Supportive Group Coaching Calls from Mindset to Tech (Value $$3,900)

6 Months of VIP Facebook Group Access (Value $$1,500)



90 Day Video Challenge (Value $$497)

Interview Skills (Value $$497)

Multi-Camera Shoot (Value $$497)

Make Better Educational Videos (Value $$497)


Total Value $$$$11,364

Your investment:

6- Month Subscription

6 x $497/month

Your investment; $2,982 + GST

Up-front payment

Your investment; $2,700 + GST

*save $282

Early Bird available for a limited time

Bonus 1:1 60-minute kick starter session


Assessment of where you're at with videos and your thinking and approach

  • Why you want to make videos - your why

  • What sort of videos could work for you

  • Brain storm video content ideas

  • Camera confidence breakthrough

  • Getting you thinking in a new way

  • Easy tips and tricks to apply straight away to take your videos up a notch or 3


It'll kick start you and set you up to get the most out of the 6 months

(Value $$500)

Early bird offer ends Sunday 15 August

'We now have the confidence we need in our ability to use our equipment correctly and create pieces that look and feel interesting and professional'
Leesa Hallahan, Creative Designer, Recycled Mats
'I've learnt skills that I will be able to use forever and our entire family get to reap the rewards too' 
Mindy Went, Business Consultant, Mum
I wouldn't be doing my daily reels without my beautiful friend Penny, and her support and encouragement of doing videos in my own way. And I am really enjoying it.

Katie Tymms, Counsellor, Coach, Nutritionist

I am so much more comfortable in front of a camera and now know how to tap into the right voice when speaking. I learnt a lot about myself through the whole process.

Marta Rogacz, Dating Coach

Penny has worked with
I don’t have a fancy camera

No fancy camera required. We work with your phone. As long as your phone has a camera you have all you need to get started.

I’ve never done a video before

Perfect. I'm here to help you get started. I'll support you every step of the away and you'll be surrounded by like minded people learning the ropes too.

I have a face for radio… not video!

We work together to help you feel comfortable. It's about getting your message out, not what you look like. It's about being good on camera, producing amazing content more than attractiveness. I felt like such a goober when I started out creating videos and taking photos of myself. As my confidence has grown my message has became clearer and my videos and images look better for it. I've worked with people who in the space of 20 minutes shifted from nope, can't, not made for this. To being more natural and clients connected with her immediately.

I don’t have a business

No business no worries. You'll learn to make your own videos to

Make memories with video

Capture moments well

Create family videos to cherish

  • Make your own semi professional videos to treasure and share

  • Capture those once in a lifetime moments on the fly without even thinking about it

  • Utilise lighting and different angles to create a loving video

  • Seize those magical moments. We are quick to take photos, but it’s the video that captures the essence and energy of a moment. Laughter, bird song, waves crashing, nature, children in all their glory.

What do you need
  • A mobile phone - yes it’s true!!

  • You may also end up with a tripod & microphone as your video skills expand

  • Positive attitude

  • Open to new ideas and ways of thinking

  • Prepared to have fun and explore your creativity

  • Ready to dare… to be awesome!

'We have even found people are more engaged with the ones we have produced ourselves than the slick professional ones we had done' 
Leesa Hallahan, Creative Designer, Recycled Mats
Welcome to the New You… On Video!

On completing the course you will have the knowledge and skills to produce videos that compliment your existing brand photography and videos.


With these simple tools you will increase the valuable touch points with your clients and customers supporting your marketing process.​

You'll be flying with video

Penny likes to have some fun creating content for her Pilates offering to help clients get a sense of who she is and that she too is normal like them.

What People Are Saying

Penny is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to video and production. She has taught me so much in speaking clearly in front of the camera for my business, but also how best to capture those incredible family moments while our kids are still young. These are techniques that I will be able to use forever and our entire family get to reap the rewards. Thank you Penny!

Mindy Went, Business Consultant

I wouldn't be doing my daily reels without my beautiful friend Penny, and her support and encouragement of doing videos in my own way. And I am really enjoying it.

Katie Tymms, Counsellor, Coach, Nutritionist

Penny is so easy to work with, she breaks things down into easy to learn and understand parts, so even the most beginner will be able to create a finished piece by the end of the sessions and be inspired to do more.

Penny has a wealth of knowledge and great attitude. The sessions are really fun and informative. Broke a lot of info into easy to digest and learn pieces that we could easily use.

We now have the confidence we need in our ability to use our equipment correctly and create pieces that look and feel interesting and professional. We have even found people are more engaged with the ones we have produced ourselves than the slick professional ones we had done. We can’t wait to get to do more.

Even having been a graphic designer for over 20 years I came away with soooo much extra info, cool tricks and ideas from the course. Everything I had done previously was self taught on the run. Having someone explain things clearly, being so open to even the silliest of questions, while showing you how to use our gear and plan things in an easy to follow way made it so much easier and not to mention lots more fun & inspiring. She gave us a heap of cool ideas too that we are looking forward to make happen.  Actually writing this is making me all inspired again.

Leesa Hallahan, Creative Designer, Recycled Mats

Penny is an amazing coach, she is patient and creates a safe space to learn. I am so much more comfortable in front of a camera and now know how to tap into the right voice when speaking. I learnt a lot about myself through the whole process. We created my first reel!

Marta Rogacz, Dating Coach

My experience with working with Penny is her bubbly energy and up lifting attitude of making great happen! Penny is a major support pillar in helping me sculpt the path I dream to make for my life. Being a 24 year old, life isn't always so straight forward, the pressure of having a career and life defining choices ahead can be scary. Although, I have known her for a little while now and we have had only one session so far about life planning/execution of my goals and it’s like a weight has lifted and I can take on anything!! I am very blessed to have someone as wise and genuine to help me! Previously I have volunteered for Penny at Pixicato Play (her event business) while studying Event Management myself. Throughout this time she has given me direction, career advise and over all been a mentor. I couldn’t recommend her time and dedication any higher! Thank you Penny xx

Chantelle Burkin, Event Coordinator

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