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Online Private Pilates Classes with Penny Murden are here to stay
Virtual Pilates

Pilates over Zoom in the comfort of your own home guided by a playful, experienced, qualified instructor is here to stay. There is a high possibility of laughter and fun combined with quality movement.

Be guided with mindful movement and breath with someone truly working with you for your own personal needs and movement nuances with a playful, fun teaching style while still getting down to business

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, living a fun active lifestyle that includes mountain biking, swimming, surfing (board and body), skateboarding, bush walking, paddling, cycling and generally being a goof while nurturing a body that needs particular care. I currently working with clients across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Italy.


With 10-years experience teaching movement in a variety of modalities and clients from beginners to seasoned Pilates practitioners, athletes at all levels (including elite) and clients recovering from injury or surgery including knee and hip replacements and back injuries. I am offering online small group and 1:1 movement sessions with me. 

What you need

I work with whatever you have available to you in your home. We’ve been getting pretty inventive in classes and sessions and continue to work out more ideas each week.

  • mat; if you have a mat that’s great, but a towel or rug on the floor works too

  • resistance bands / therabands; while a variety of different strength resistance bands is fabulous if you have them, a towel, belt or similar can work too

  • small Pilates ball; a small inflatable children’s ball, a small cushion or pillow also works depending on what we’re doing, and we’ve experimented with a pair of thick socks (clean) rolled up into a ball and it worked a treat for some specific exercises, especially great for emulating the instability of swimming and surfing amongst other things

  • yoga blocks; a good thick book or two is a winner for this 

  • a chair (or piano stool), tennis balls, rolled up towels and all sorts of other household items are all your need

We work with what you have available. Together our imagination is our limit.

Private Pilates

A completely personalised session based on your needs, injuries and pathologies.

The private pilates sessions are for anyone with specific requirements, injuries, are pregnant or post natal, have pathologies or perhaps something you that you need to consider to support you or simply because the class times don’t suit you. They're tailored specifically to you and your unique needs and I make them a load of fun as well. We will make use of items available in your home as small apparatus to support your practice.

1-hour session

$60/pp + GST

Duo Pilates

Private Pilates for two. A completely personalised session for you and a partner or friend based on your needs, 11-hour session

$90/duo + GST

Pixie Pilates Monthly Membership

Personalised small group online Pilates classes

Classes are held on Saturday morning so even if there are 5 Saturdays in one month the membership price doesn't change - the 5th class is a complimentary bonus
value $80-100/month

Access to Mindful, Movement, Breath and Play video library 

A growing library of resources to support your Pilates practice
value $10/month

Recurring bookings

No more remembering to remember to book yourself in
value priceless

Total cost $65/month + GST

Total value - $90-110/month - save $25-45/month

*Plus members will receive discounts to online Pilates workshops 

Small Group Mat Pilates - returns 30th April 2022

Taking the class experience online is really easy using online video like Zoom. People who have been coming to my classes love that I can give them immediate feedback. They can see me, I can see them, there is nothing like this available on YouTube or in an app. This is a unique very small group experience.

Online small group Pilates, Pilates/yoga fusion with me, the instructor, observing and cueing you personally with what you need. I am an experienced Pilates instructor watching you move. Even if all I can see is your hips I can tell what's going on with your legs. We can interact about exactly what you need.

The small group classes are a fabulous option if you do not have any significant injuries or pathologies. If you’re wanting to move in a mindful, playful way, build strength and mobility and challenge yourself. I not only guide the small group classes I adapt and cue to your needs based on our check-in at the commencement of each class and movement I observe.

Class times AEST

Saturday: 7:00am AEST, from 14-May-2022

1-hour class

$20/pp + GST

Save with package options
Small Group Mat Pilates 3 class pass $58.50 - save $3 ($19.50/class)
Small Group Mat Pilates 5 class pass $95 - save $5 ($19.00/class)

Small Group Mat Pilates 10 class pass $185 - save $15 ($18.50/class)

Introductory package 1 Private Pilates session + 2 Small Group Mat Pilates classes $84 - save $16 (highly recommended for people brand new to Pilates)

Private Pilates 5 session pass $285 - save $15 ($57.00/session)

Private Pilates 10 session pass $555 - save $45 ($55.50/session)

all prices + GST

I am more than happy to have a conversation with you about the offerings I have available.
Send me a message via my connect form

Penny discovered Pilates after knee surgery in 2001 when her Physiotherapist introduced her to clinical Pilates for rehabilitation. Pilates changed her life from living in constant pain to being pain free.

Pilates gave her confidence within movement, allowing her to build strength, awareness and recovery in body, mind and spirit so that she can enjoy the fun things and be in the moment where nothing else matters except exactly what she is doing and it's filled with pure joy and experience. 

Training in mat, reformer and studio Pilates and yoga with 10-years of teaching experience teaching every day people, elite athletes, rehab and elderly clients has given Penny a wealth of knowledge and choreography to work with.

Penny has a strong practice that has changed her life and is passionate about sharing it with you. She loves experiencing and exploring new things in a supportive environment, living a healthy lifestyle enjoying the outdoors and is a big fan of snacks.

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DSC_8255 copy 2.JPG
Why Pilates

Pilates is a non-impact form of body conditioning that focuses on strengthening and balancing the muscles of the body. With a focus on the abdominals and back Pilates creates better posture and flexibility and assists in injury prevention and is useful in injury rehabilitation.

The exercises are gentle on joints yet challenging on muscles. Pilates is suitable for anyone who wants to improve muscle strength and flexibility, improve co-ordination and balance, tone muscles and improve posture.

Pilates can assist with: Reducing back pain, better posture, improved fitness & strength, lowering stress, weight reduction, increase in flexibility, improved mobility, improved stability, increasing confidence and co-ordination, reduce arthritis & migraine pain, asthma relief, pre-natal and post-natal exercise.

Joseph H. Pilates, the founder, developed the Pilates Method in the 1920's to cater for those who required improved muscle balance, flexibility, co-ordination and recovery from injuries.

The Pilates Method is not just exercise, it is a total mind and body experience. Joseph Pilates believed that your mind controls your muscles and directs your body through precise movements and functions. That is what the Pilates Method achieves. It is a series of controlled movements that engage the mind and body.

My goal is to support you to stay as healthy in body, mind and spirit keeping your immune systems strong and mental health optimal.

What People Are Saying

When I started working with Penny I was 41 but my body felt like it was 71. After lockdown I had chronic pain for the first time in my life, I couldn’t lift my four year old daughter above my head and I had to stop my usual exercise routine because my body had just given up. Thanks to Penny and her tailored approach to teaching pilates, I’ve never felt stronger in my core. I think about what she has taught me every time I get out of a chair, every time I pick up my daughter and every time I am at the gym. I completely agree with what my sister said when she recommended pilates with Penny: “It’s life-changing I tells ya!”.

Sammy Riley - Interpreter, Film Maker,, Dad

I have enjoyed Penny’s early morning online Pilates class for about 18 months now. I find having it online is a big help when it starts at 6 or 6.30am, as with no drive time I can have a quick coffee beforehand. Penny connects with each of us briefly at the start of each class. This means I feel part of a group, which I like. Penny has made sure her vision and sound quality are good making it easy for me to participate. She is also adept at noticing fine details of our movements on screen. Penny is a great Pilates teacher!

Sue Hetzel - retiree

I’ve had a really bad back for decades, and Pilates is one of the few things that has actually stabilised it. When I saw Penny was offering online Pilates I was relieved because I thought small groups would work better for me than a big class, and I figured that if my camera is on, she’d see what I’m doing wrong.  Penny has been able to identify and explain which part of my body I need to bring my attention to - which is really helping with my proprioception both during the class, and for the rest of the day! After only a few classes with Penny, I can notice the difference in how my joints respond to movement. I get feedback on how to perform a movement and also when I need to feel my way into a new way of moving. I feel like my body is working “smarter” now, and my day-to-day pain levels are easier to manage. I highly recommend Penny’s Pilates classes because she knows a LOT about how the body works and has great tips to get more flexibility and strength. The personalised instructions are just so helpful. In the small group and one-on-one Pilates classes, I know that Penny’s got my back, literally.

Steve - Counsellor, Television Producer

Penny inspired me to think about getting on a mountain bike which totally terrified me, so I signed up for her online Pilates classes so I can get stronger first. I wanted a different way to move and have fun at the same time. Penny makes class so much fun I am often rolling on the floor laughing trying to get my body to do what she wants (I have hEDS so I bend really easily). My Physio is very happy with my progress and Pilates is making a big difference with my hEDS. Penny is excellent at seeing what you need even if you are not sure yourself. Making class fun helps me to move in a comfortable space and enjoy myself at the same time. Thank you Penny

Louise Kerwin - Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner

Penny has such a beautiful presence and has so many years experience and expertise as a Pilates teacher, and the ability to create online classes for your individual and specific needs. With her additional experience as a mindset coach with a focus on 'play', you will be in very safe and supportive hands, and you'll have a lot of fun with her, as she teaches you individually or in one of her group classes. If you're new to pilates or you've been practising for a while and self isolation means you'll really miss this as a way to keep your body healthy, this is such a valuable way to work with Penny.

Katie Jane - Holistic Wellbeing & Coaching Support

Penny provided a targeted program with a fun personalised delivery style. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and subsequent results through competitions and everyday well-being.  

Pierre - Competitive Surf Life Saver, Mountain Biker

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