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Safety, Food & Connection

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We all need safety, food and connection to survive. It’s important we stay connected while being smart about it and with the need for physical distancing, self isolating and lock downs while dealing with the stress of unprecedented times. I’m choosing to use the language physical distancing rather than social distancing as we need the connection more than ever right now.

I’m not immune to the stress with my life changing significantly in the past two weeks and a fun gentle ride along the beachside trails was just want the doctor ordered.

Company, with sensible precautions, was so welcomed with great chat, good laughter and even a little lesson on gear changing for riding up hills for Chloe…it’s so much easier when you drop down gears.

The sun, the view, the breeze was so stunning and it lifted my spirits and boosted my immune system.

Continuing to take care of yourself in mind and body and maintaining social connection while physically distancing is paramount.

What sorts of things are you doing to keep yourself healthy?

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