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Combining intuition and due diligence for your ultimate manifesting

I was given my first car.

My dream car.

In match box size.

I’d been dreaming of owning a Jeep for as long as I can remember and I finally had one.

Bummed because it was a toy car, stoked because I loved that I was so clear that I’d received it as a gift.

The time has come to bring that dream car to life.

Creating Pinterest boards, and manifesting processes are great.

But sometimes things aren’t what they first seem and due diligence is essential.

I began researching and test drove the car I wanted.

Spoke to mechanics and owners past and present.

My due diligence paid off.

I switched vehicles while staying true to my dream.

I found my new dream vehicle.

Then dove in once again.

I sat with it. Something wasn’t quite right.

My intuition said wait.

I waited a month.

And voila, my actual dream car was announced.

The difference, being willing to wait 12 months for delivery.

Patience is the key factor.

If I hadn't gone for the test drive to feel what it's like to be in the car and had the conversations, then trusted my gut and waited I would have settled for the almost the not quite right version rather than the real deal.

And I learnt so much more than I expected making me even more excited about my choice.

Intuition and due diligence combined ensures you make the right decision for you in your business, work or life.

Simply because someone says something is so doesn’t mean it is right for you.

Combining intuition and due diligence can be a great tool for decisions in life as well as business. Message me if you’d like to chat about guidance and support to confidently make the decision that’s right for you using a combination of your intuition and sound research?

PS test driving cars is fun especially when you get to try one out on the beach

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