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A big dream vision and a quantum leap

Just over a year ago I began journaling about my big dream vision. It’s the kind of vision that you secretly desire, the one that is in every cell of your body, but you think is impossible so you don’t allow yourself to go there. The kind of dream that as a child your parents would tell you isn’t realistic and you’re off with the fairies. You were told you don't always get what you want, come back down to earth, that’s not how life works. With a little encouragement I said screw reality, this is a vision and I’m going to give myself permission to truly dream.

Each week for the past year I have been adding a little more to the dream vision, more detail, more expansion, more freedom to explore and let go of limitations. Every week as I added another layer I would find one teeny tiny action in alignment with what I had expressed and I simply did it.

One week I wrote about my philanthropic vision, and I simply paid forward a coffee at my favourite cafe. Another time I detailed out my dream adventure car, I started a Pinterest board with the car, the camping fit out, the kind of setups and views I would have when I went adventuring in it. I wrote about my morning routine and looking out to the ocean as I drank my morning coffee and would go to the beach and watch the sunrise. Journaling about going on an adventure in nature I would sit on the back patio and watched the insects buzzing around the in the Jasmine hedge, search Pinterest for inspiring nature images, go for a swim in the ocean.

From the very beginning I dreamed of creating a location independent business that I could do from anywhere with an internet connection and at times go totally off grid. I gave my vision a 25 year timeline so I didn’t get attached to a set deadline and wouldn’t be let down if I didn’t achieve it by the pre-determined time that I had quite literally made up. That dream seemed so very far away yet every week I have been moving closer to my dream with every tiny action I have taken and continue to take in alignment with that vision.

Almost 8 weeks ago a global pandemic put me in a position where I lost all of my income streams. The places I absolutely loved working were shut down until a still unknown time.

For the first time since being a student I am dependent on the government to get by. Do you know how freaking hard that is for a woman who is fiercely independent and has been through the wringer more than a few times in life already and pulled herself back up onto her feet each time? I felt shocked, frustrated, angry, stressed, anxious, annoyed at people who simply didn’t seem to get it or care (they may have, but I was reeling at the time). I was a victim. Applying for government support has been very humbling, my pride was quickly checked.

A conversation with my own coach Hayley Carr helped me reframe my experience from the ‘this happening to me’ mindset to ‘this is happening for me’. That conversation happened 6 weeks ago and the vision to become location independent has been fast tracked to right now (despite not traveling outside my own postcode until this week).

5 weeks ago I began the steep learning curve of creating, building and sharing my online Pilates small group classes and private Pilates offerings. And I am now adding a subscription to my library of Mindful Movement, Breath and Play videos. Booyah, I’ve begun doing one of the things I dreamed of doing, just in a different way to how I thought I would. Plus I’ve quite literally built it all myself, tech and all…so if you come across any glitches please let me know.

When physical studios reopen I will return to my beloved studios and my online offering will remain because it’s part of my vision and I am moving toward it, always. This is a quantum leap toward my ultimate vision, a first layer and I feel blessed and so unbelievably stoked to be able to share it with you and will continue to grow and develop from here.

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