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Empowering people to get amongst life in their own unique way

There was so much angst, it was all so hard and then, it happened, there was a light bulb moment.

A 15 minute conversation changed everything. The trajectory of her day, week and potentially career shifted in that moment. We'd been speaking for a few weeks with amazing progress and on this occasion for about half an hour about what appeared to be unrelated topics. Then it happened.

The less obvious things, the stuff beneath the surface that when you're in it you can't see no matter how much you journal, meditate and do all the things.

Empowering people to get amongst life in their own unique way is my passion. Working with you, inspiring and supporting you to step off the sidelines.

Supporting you to feel more alive, to tap into the things you truly want and how you can have those within your existing life or how to add it in a beautifully supportive fun way, even the 'hard' stuff.

It is the most satisfying work that doesn't even feel like work it's so fun.

Perhaps you feel like everything is ok, comfortable, safe, but there’s something missing, you want something more, but you aren’t sure what that is, yet.

A skilled coach guides you, asks the uncomfortable questions, in the best ways, has the uncomfortable conversations and supports you to find that thing for yourself.

Do you have a full plate that you can’t imagine fulfilling your own needs? I work with you on the thing or things that deep down you want and your fear that is holding you back.

We dance with the fear and work with it rather than ignoring it giving you the freedom to work with what you have rather than what you wish you had.

Our brains and our conditioning keep us safe, together we create your own unique strategy, to do things your own way and shape it to feels so freaking good.

Working 1:1 online or 1:1 in person, together we explore mindset, movement, breath, mindfulness, meditation, wellness, action and play all through powerful conversations tapping into those often times secret desires, sometimes even to yourself.

Message to chat about having more without doing more. It’s available to you right now.

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