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A part of all you earn is yours to keep

A par

t of all you earn is yours to keep - George S Clason

While the quote is in relation to money it also applies to energy, your own personal energy.

Stopping giving it all away!

A car doesn’t run on empty and neither can you. If you don't keep your phone charged and the battery goes flat what use is it? It's a paper weight, nothing more.

If you don’t keep your battery charged for you there’s nothing to give others let alone yourself. You get to keep a part of your energy for you. Stop giving it all away to work, other people, things.

In all seriousness sometimes I need to remind myself of this too. This is me calling myself out as much as giving you permission.

Remember how you do one thing is how you do everything. So let's all start keeping 10% for ourselves and stop wearing burn out, debt, lack of savings, poor health, tiredness as a badge of honour. Our energy is ours to keep. And it all begins with a choice.

If you are running low or on empty and need some support to begin to refill the tank there are fabulous resources available. Naturopaths, dieticians, health professionals, coaches such as myself and all manner of amazing professionals. I have contacts I highly regard and of course I'd love to support you if we're the right fit.

If you're ready to keep some for yourself send me a message and I can help point you in the right direction to bring back the fun and play.

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