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A quick reframe can change your day

After taking a massive hit during all our shut downs last year I've learnt a lot about diversifying my income. Consequently I'm new to investing in Crypto currency and just as I get started it has taken a massive dive. Thankfully I followed quality advice to start small and only invest what I'm prepared to lose.

I'm tracking and charting my small starting investment as a learning process, as well as wanting a good return. Rather than getting caught up in this down turn I've come up with my own unique way to reframe watching my money go down in value.

'I’m treating it as spending money on an outfit I either never end up wearing or trusting it’ll come out of the wardrobe and shine just when I need it.'

In the mean time I'm going to stop watching and go outside and enjoy the warm autumn day.

I am not a finance person, or able to give any advice on anything financial however I am great at reframing, whatever the topic.

Is there something in your life you could quickly reframe and have a bit of fun with?

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