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Anxiety and panic attacks

There was a women collapsed on the floor unable to catch her breath, tears streaming down her face.

It took only moments to assess the situation. This wasn’t the first time I'd witnessed a panic attack.

Then I was besides her, gently creating a bubble of calm, working with her to reconnect with her breath and back into her body. A skill that is natural, innate for me from years of experience, study and practice.

With one bystander knowing my coaching and Pilates and yoga background she helped ease the panic of the surrounding people instilling trust in the others helping to create more calm. Within minutes we were able to move to a more comfortable location.

That woman on the ground could have been me. I've had my own experiences with anxiety and panic attacks. It's been years since I last experienced one myself thanks to self awareness, knowledge, noticing early signs, tools and proactive prevention.

Panic attacks, stress, anxiety can be upsetting or evening frightening both for those experiencing them and onlookers.

We are all very different in how we experience life. How we're wired, the experiences we've had, how we process and how our body responds to and holds emotions.

Do you experience and struggle with anxiety? Message me if you'd like to learn practices to thrive, manage and prevent anxiety and panic attacks.

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