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Approaching a project with the end in mind

They surprised them-self with how articulate and open they were in front of the camera. They didn't think they could do it let alone enjoy it. The end result reflected it.

When Producing an interview I ensure all of the elements come together so the person or people feel comfortable to share and open up in front of a camera, and often for the first time, is key to a quality result.

Approaching the project with the end in mind, in this case the edited video, means that we work efficiently and effectively as a team.

It gives us the space to adapt and work with the interviewee as their energy and comfort ebbs and flows.

From guiding and coaching them through the process to ensuring the logistics around the interview run seamlessly.

Most importantly having the right team in place so that all involved remained relaxed. Having the right team for each specific interview can make all the difference.

Creating the right team dynamic and skill set is key.

Are you finding that the back end of a project or job isn’t quite coming together the way you’d like. Or your team isn’t quite delivering the experience or results you’d hoped for send me a message to chat.

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