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Are you being sensitive?

Have you ever been asked ‘Are you being sensitive?’

Yes, yes I am, and I'm absolutely ok with that.

I'm a highly sensitive person and when something is too much for me it's simply too much. If it's not ok for me I know that I have the choice to do something about it.

I, like many of us, was raised in a society that required me to 'get over it', 'get on with it', 'suck it up', 'take a concrete pill and harden up', 'think before I act, speak, do', 'don't be so sensitive'. Sound familiar?

Learning to honour my feelings and needs has been a roller coaster ride. And totally worth every moment of that crazy ride. Lucky I love roller coasters even when they scare the crap out of me.

Through honouring my sensitivity and needs I've realised that I can make new choices to take care of myself and change the situation.

It's not always been easy and I'm forever learning new ways to honour my own needs, however I love having fun with it and playing with finding the balance and doing life.

We all deserve to honour our feelings and needs while doing life our own way.

If you'd like to have a chat with me about doing life your own way honouring your feelings and needs drop me a line or book in for a complimentary chat

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