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Attempting Handstands

I’m a Pilates teacher so have a pretty strong core, but a combination of hyper mobile joints and impatience has meant I’ve never mastered a handstand away from a wall or some kind of support. I haven’t been able to do headstands for a long time as it hurts my neck, but back in the day I used to be able to do them. I figured why not have a play and give it a go.

Well, it turns out I still can’t handstand even though I can do all sorts of other crazy Pilates things. I’m sure patience to practice is a key factor, but I have so many other things I’d rather work on therefore it’s not a priority. And my video skills are definitely a work in progress too - still working on getting the camera (my phone) straight and not cutting the top of my feet off.

It’s all good fun and it certainly keeps me laughing at myself plus it’s great stress relief at the end of the day too.

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