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Be your own Queen of Self Care

I was chatting with a friend little while ago and she called me the Queen of Self Care. It came about as we spoke about how I have been and continue to take care of myself through the rollercoaster of change.

It's been well over two years of continual adapting and evolving and under pinning all of it I have stayed absolute clear that my personal health and wellbeing are the most important thing to me.

So what does that mean?

When things are ramping up or become overwhelming I clear the decks and simplify right back to the essentials. I keep things simple for myself. Not extra layers for stuff. I say no to doing anything that doesn't feel right.

Being clear with my boundaries, it's not always easy and sometimes people really don't like it, but it is always worth it.

No extra classes, catch ups, events. I literally focus on ensuring I am as healthy as possible physically, emotionally and mentally.

Barely check email - I once clocked up over 1,500 unread emails and then had a great time deleting everything that wasn't completely necessary (I have now delegated that to my VA...phew).

Taking a pause from working on anything with the word 'should' associated with it and being guided by what feels right in my gut and bones. Even then sometimes I still need to set things aside.

I change plans when I need the space to get what is essential done. People don't always like it, but it is essential to me that I don't take on more than I can handle...and I can handle a lot.

Take naps when I need to. I often have a 4:15am alarm for work and at times don't finish work until 8pm and sometimes after midnight. If I need a nap or time watching a mindless film I do it without judgement.

Say 'no' where I need to say 'no'.

Be your own 'Queen of Self Care'

Check out my Have More without Doing More free guide and get started with your Self Care or send me a message and let's chat about your unique needs.

📷 yours truly at Selfography workshop with @paulatheivy

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