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Being playful, vibrant and energetic in your own unique way

I often get asked how I’m so vibrant and energetic when I live with and manage having chronic fatigue. I was diagnosed by my doctor about 12-15 years ago (I’ve lost track of how long ago it was). It’s been a continuous ride as I work out what does and doesn’t work for me. Each year, each week, each day I work out more of the things that support me and the things that are detrimental to me.

There is no cure, no pill, no quick fix and the underlying causes and management of chronic fatigue is different for everyone. I have many contributing factors plus I used to work in industries and jobs that fed the roller coaster as I’d dig in and then crash time and again. 


Mindset, nutrition and gut health, managing anxiety, the right kind of exercise for my body, sleep, adventure and play and rest all play a significant role in my health and wellbeing. If any one of those is out of alignment I quickly notice.


I no longer push. I no longer try to do all the things. I have more without doing more. I actually have and do more by doing less. Say what. I stripped everything back to my non negotiables removing all the extra stuff I felt I ’should’ do or that others were telling me I 'should' do. I integrated rather than added more. This approach has been life changing. I have more space, I rest and I stop a lot more than I ever have before and at the same time I do more of the things that matter and are important to me. 


I now play with maintaining the best health and energy I’ve experienced in years. It’s a fun ride balancing my excitable nature and childlike desire to do all of the things and rest and maintain the best health I can recall.


My playfulness is a key ingredient to my health and energy levels. Have you ever noticed how a child, puppy or kitten plays and then sleeps, plays then sleeps? The more I tap into my playful energy and soul I find I am more present, have more energy, more fun, I'm more creative, experience more joy and most importantly I rest. 


I’m playing and having more fun now in my 40s than I did in my 20s when I was so busy pushing to do all of the things.

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