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Bending time

Did you know that you can bend time?⁠⠀

Have you ever noticed that sometimes time seems to disappear and sometimes it feels like it's sooooo slooowwww.⁠⠀

What if you could control that yourself? You can. You can control your experience of time.⁠⠀

Being present, mindful and fully within the moment you can choose your experience of time.⁠⠀


Mindfulness practices have clients feeling like a quality session seemed to only go for 10 minutes. For me, time melts away when camping in nature⁠ and waking, eating and keeping in time with the sun, time spent by and in the ocean, meditation and mindfulness.⁠⠀


A coach taught me about how she slowed down time when competing in martial arts. I like to call it being 'Neo in the Matrix' clients relate to that description and tap straight into it. ⁠⠀


These are practices that I get better at it each day. ⁠⠀


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