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Brave Spaces Book Club

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Brave Space book club; a gathering to dive into conversations based on the book of the month.

I love reading. It supports me, it allows me to escape, it helps me grow and challenges me and I love mixing it up.

I 'read' a mixture of audiobooks and physical books. I'm often reading multiple books at a time - seems counterintuitive, but stay with me.

Each morning I read 1 paragraph, page or chapter as I have my coffee. Stopping for a beat, even briefly, and enjoying my coffee as I listen to the birds and read rather than drink it on the run sets me up for my day. My morning book is a book that supports my mind.

Throughout the day I read 1 paragraph, page or chapter that supports my health and wellbeing. Something that helps me look after myself better. It's something I like to spend even 10 minutes doing to break up my day. And I often listen to a book while driving or walking.

I like to read fiction to wind down and escape at the end of the day. Something that doesn't require thinking or self-reflection. There is no goal or limit. I intentionally don't want to read or listen to a book on technology so old-school paper is my go-to. And by visiting the library for my fiction books if I choose a dud I have no problem with moving onto the next one.

The Brave Spaces book club in-person gathering on the Gold Coast

10:00am Wednesday 12 October at Ground N Sound café.

The first book is 'Disrupt-Her' by Miki Agrawal. You are welcome whether you've read it, are in the process of reading it or haven't read it yet and are curious about it. This is a gathering to share our ponderings, ask questions and share time and space.

Access book details, venue and RSVP here:

📷 Selfography workshop with Paula Ivy

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