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Celebrating 46 years around the sun

Each year I feel more alive, more fulfilled than the year before. Each year I choose to live more and more my own way. Each year I experience and relish what I have dubbed the squiggly squiggly rollercoaster living in a way that feeds my soul, feeling all of the things good and challenging. Each year I’m told I look younger even though there are a few more wrinkles around my eyes and my body is a little more weathered. Each year I step into being me more and more and I freaking love it.

I haven’t always felt good about my birthday, not because of getting older (I actually feel younger, more vibrant and more alive than I did 20 years ago), but because of expectations around it. 

This year in the lead up my mentor suggested I journal on what would make this the most beautiful birthday in my life. What could I open myself up to receiving? And I added how could I give that to myself?

I gave myself those things, the time, the love, the flowers, the dressing up to feel lovely and in doing so I invited in a new openness to receive all that was offered by my wonderful friends near and far. For the first time in my life I allowed myself to receive each gesture and experience no matter how big or small in a way that felt so freaking good with true pleasure and joy without any guilt. I have had the most fun flowing birthday I can remember and my love goes out to everyone who was part of that. 

I’m going to play with this practice every single day. It might not be my birthday every day, but every day is my day to be me, to be more alive and to give myself everything my heart and soul desires in my own unique way allowing myself to ultimately receive all that I need.

My love goes out to anyone who, like me, doesn’t love their birthday. It’s ok to not have the social media perfect experience. It’s ok to give yourself the birthday your heart desires no matter what that looks like. 

If you’d like to have a chat to me about how you can give yourself all that your heart and soul desires each and every day please send me a message or book in for a complimentary chat.

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