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Chasing Dreams

Final session following the blue line before Sunday’s swim.

One year ago I went down to the beach to witness my first ocean swim event. 12 months later and I’m about to join those people to swim in my first distance swim event, the Cooly Classic in the 1km category.

While I’ve put in the work to prepare myself to take the plunge there have been a slew of people who have helped me along the way.

6 months of training in the pool with guidance from phenomenal coach Tracey Narain has transformed my swimming to now having a hugely improved technique and feeling strong, confident and relatively calm in the water...quite a difference to floundering up and down the lanes doing whatever I can to manage 1km and needing fins to make it through a part of a training session.

Thanks to Chevron Island Physio and Pilates Wellbeing Centre for helping keep my body in good working order when I give it my best shot not to and kicking my butt at Pilates. Kirsty Randall for encouraging me to try ocean swimming and successfully convincing me to enter the Burleigh Swim Run. Pierre for teaching me to body surf (took until my 40’s to finally learn how to catch a wave without a board). Liz Mulconry for helping me get out of my head and swim just that little bit further each time I went out in the ocean. Caren for being my guardian angel when I went for a swim with the Noosa Tri and Ocean Swim clubs for my final ocean training session that was also my longest and giving me invaluable tips for the day. And my beautiful cheer squad behind the scenes who have been in the background cheering me on in all aspects of my life especially Hayley Carr, Sammie Fleming, Allanah Flynn, Hayley Donohue, Marta Penelope and Judy Tanner

Perhaps the 2km next year…1km to conquer first 😤

Do you have a dream you’re chasing and you’re not sure where to start? Drop me a line and let’s chat.

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