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Confidence is not a requirement

Confidence is not a requirement, it is a by-product of doing the thing.

I have heard and read that saying in so many places and yet we forget.

Were we confident at walking when we first started? Personally I don't remember, but I doubt it. Watch a child pull themselves up, gradually find their balance and attempt their first steps, fall down, get up and do it again and again until they can walk with confidence and soon after they begin to run.

Throughout my life there have been so many things where I certainly haven't been confident. Some I worked through and some I didn't. My expectation on myself to be immediately confident and capable were huge and at times stopped me in my tracks. It has been a practice to get comfortable in front of the camera, there was a lot of stuff that I worked out on how to show up as me.

When we first start out we may not know what we're doing and muddle our way through. Perhaps you've picked up some tips, but still feel uncomfortable and confidence alludes you.

Set yourself up to feel as comfortable as you can. By practicing and doing the thing you build confidence.

When you have a fun, playful space you can be brave in and feel really good about it you're more likely to give things go, grow and explore in ways you didn't realise you were capable of.

In my coaching, movement instructing, everything I do, I create a space where you can be brave, play, feel supported and build your confidence. I create a container where you can show up and explore creating the life, business, experience you desire no matter how confident you do, or don't, feel.

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