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Creating a vision so powerful

I have a vision for the year.

Drawing on all of the tools, skills, knowledge and experience I have up my sleeve; support people in my own unique playful way. Supporting individuals and small business in a practical, real way that is also be fun rather than heavy.

I dream to inspire and support more women than I ever have before. My vision is to infiltrate and impact the essence of play out to the world and universe.

I believe so strongly in the power of play (and fun) for mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, work, business, relationships, friendships and so much more.

Having a vision that isn't tied to goals allows me the freedom and flexibility to realise it in ways I've not yet dreamed up. Being a vision, rather than a goal, there is no limit or specific parameters I'm tying myself to.

While there are practicalities I need to consider, every day I get to choose how I bring my vision to life. Each day I work toward making it happen.

A small vision is as powerful as a big vision. Bringing it to life is as meaningful and achieved the same way.

Do you have a vision for 2023?

Have some fun with it!

PS with all of that in mind I've created a 20TwentyFree single 1:1 session where we discard all the BS around goal setting and have some fun getting back to the essence of what lights you up, what drives you to get of bed on those days you're so freaking happy to be alive. Why you created your business or chose the work you dream of.

Send me a message to book in for your session.

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