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Daring to Suck - playing and trying new things

Updated: May 14, 2019

Last weekend I tried something new. For the first time I did an off-road triathlon AquaBike event ie minus the running - I don’t do running.

I’m all about having fun and play especially with my riding. I’m not great with rules, I prefer guidelines and boundaries giving me way more scope to play and have fun. So what does someone who’s not great with rules do in a Triathlon Australia sanctioned event with Technical Officials and all sorts of rules. Have a laugh and encourage others of course…hmmm and also have a moment of sass with said officials when they wanted me to run around transition more times than I wanted to (did I mentioned I don’t do running)…oops

It was rainy, muddy, slippery conditions and when I hit the trail in the mountain bike section on day 1 I came upon some other participants finding the ride challenging so we rode together enjoying the fun muddy trail conditions. Light hearted banter, and encouragement along the way kept everyone moving with a bunch more joy and playfulness. I rode with those people for no other reason than it’s what I love.

It was a back2back event and we did it all again the next day…yup we’re suckers for punishment or perhaps we’re simply up for more fun play with new mates. I met up with Scotty again at the start on day 2 in all our swim cap glory and unfortunately Steve didn’t make it back for day 2

The extra special moment for me, not only did I have a blast with a brand new experience with my mountain biking gal pals and made new friends, I received an unexpected message from Scot thanking me for my encouragement during the ride. Receiving this epic message (below) made my heart explode

“Was a big factor in getting me around the track day 1 and returning on day 2. Feeling good for having done something like that. New experience for me.”,

So my moral is. I didn’t suck, I had fun, played and encouraged others You never know what impact you’re having on them nor the impact they’ll have on you. I’m no closer to being good at rules or a competitive athlete, but those experiences and words make cruising up the back having fun with others worthwhile and have me considering [maybe] doing something like that again (except for that rules part)

Is there something you’d like to try, but find the environment, rules or situation intimidating? Drop me a line and we can chat about a way you can make it fun and playful for you.

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