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Daring to Suck - round 2

Updated: May 14, 2019

Playing involves risk taking. When we played on the monkey bars as kids we risked falling off. When we climbed a tree we risked falling out of it…and potentially getting stung by an infestation of caterpillars (true story). When we rode our bicycles we risked crashing into something…or guess what, falling off.

When we play we dare to fall, we dare to fail, we dare to suck. And the best part is that even if we do fall, fail or suck it is fun doing it anyway and we keep doing it. And when we pull off the no handed dismount from the monkey bars, the hands free cycling, climbing to the highest branch it’s the best feeling and we want more and to go back again and again.

I love playing and daring to suck and supporting others doing the same. I love trying things and I often do them solo, but that doesn’t mean I do them on my own. When I completed my first ocean swim race swimming 1km last week there was a whole support team of people behind the scenes guiding me, cheering me (and helping me eat ice cream at the end). Without all those people I wouldn’t have made it to the start line with the big smile on my face that I did and the even bigger smile at the end when I did better than I ever could have imagined.

My goal was simply to do it, but instead I nailed it and I had so much fun that I intend to do more plus I’m certain I’ll find the next thing to dare to suck at too because that’s the way I roll.

Is there something you want to dare to suck at? To play? Is there an aspect within your work that you’d love to play? Perhaps cooking is something you’d like to dare to suck at? Drop me a line and let’s have a cup of tea.

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