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Daring to Suck - Round 3: 90-day video challenge

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Just over 3 months ago I set myself a short challenge of making a video a day for 7 days and to post it in a small private group with some beautiful supportive women. Seems simple enough. Not so much when verging on petrified of being on camera, having no idea how to hold my phone to take a selfie let alone a video and not knowing where to begin to think of what to say and share.

The first video was procrastination plus. I managed to stall for about 3 days, on a challenge I set myself. Seriously what was I thinking even embarking on this? Intuitively I knew this challenge was important and finally I rustled up the courage and managed to pull off 7 days of videoing myself. The difference from day one to 7 was surprising.

Toward the end of the challenge Hayley Carr my phenomenal mentor sent me the YouTube video ‘The Gap by Ira Glass’ and the challenge was quickly extended. The content requirements relaxed ie I didn’t need to appear on screen every day, however I still needed to feature in the lion share and continue to share in the small group. Day 90 I did my first live in a private group (brain explosions and all). Being on camera is no longer nearly as scary as it was. I’ve rambled and stumbled, pulled ridiculous faces and waved my hands about to the point of distraction amongst other things I had no idea I do.

I dared to fail and suck every day for 90 days and each day I sucked a little less. The calm began to return, my anxiety and pitch began to settle and it wasn’t such a roller coaster to both film and watch the videos. The content evolved and became more my message and seeing the real me rather than just crazy ideas - although those are not going anywhere. I even got into editing some fun little movies together.

It won’t be long until I pluck up the courage for my face to appear in the Insta and Facebook live world. I say hell yes to my next hurdle to leap over, face plants and all…actually this is my next hurdle…sharing this.

Many of the videos were and are up there on the I never want them to be seen scale, but the improvement and settling of anxiety was noticeable. As much as burying the evidence would make me feel so much more comfortable there is some fun content and gold in amongst the collection even in the early days of full awkwardness and crazy pitch and voice.

What is most important to me is that by sharing my journey of daring to suck my intention is to give you permission to dare to suck and allow yourself to do your own something that is a whole lot scary and not worry about looking silly because I’ve led the way and done that part already….more than the gold that’s verging on hilarious because it’s so bad.

I want to encourage you to to not be afraid to give it a whirl because you’ve seen me do it and survive and better than survive I’ve thrived and had a great time doing it.

So I’m choosing to share a small selection from early days of gold to some calmer moments toward the end of the challenge so that you know that you can do it too, with anything you choose. We all started out sucking at the things we’re now good at and we chose to practice until we didn’t suck at it anymore. Lots more practice for me, but it’s becoming fun and enjoyable now. Enjoy my awkward and ridiculous and allow it to inspire you.

When beginning what has now turned into my Daring to Suck series I simply wanted to challenge myself in areas of my life that are less comfortable in order to progress and grow. This is my third Daring to Suck challenge so far and I’ve loved every single one of them. I’m curious to know if you have areas of your life that you challenge yourself dare to suck at?

Let’s Play!

PS If you have something you’d like to ‘Dare to Suck’ at I’d love to support you. Send me a message.

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