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Deceptively easy

We started the session. The room quickly fell into silence and the concentration faces appeared in all their glory.

The theme; ‘deceptively easy‘ had certainly found it’s mark.

Presence, mindfulness, breath and quality movement.

The attendees were moving in ways they thought they previously thought wasn’t available to them and loving it.

What if you moved in a way that feels so freaking good that it doesn’t feel like exercise?

That doesn’t mean you don’t exert effort. It doesn’t mean it’s not hard. But if it feels good it won’t matter because you’re having so much fun doing it you’ll barely notice.

As you do it more and more it becomes easier, you become fitter, healthier and feel even better than before…and then you can step it up again in another fun deceptively easy way.

How can you apply ‘deceptively easy’ in other areas of your life, your work, your business to progress further and faster than you’d imagined?

Send me a message if you’d like some help getting started or stepping things up to another level.

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