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Discipline & consistency - what if you can’t be consistent

If someone tries to get me to do something the same thing, consistently, every day either my schedule is so varied that it's simply not going to happen or I rebel because that shiz is boring to me. I'm consistently inconsistent.

If consistency works for you. Great. If it doesn't there is always another way.

Instead I have a list of things I do each day for my mind, body and overall wellbeing and I'm not attached to the exact when, where and how.

meditate - at least 10-minutes each day

journal - as little as 2 minutes if that's what my day permits

30 second cold shower at the end of my shower/s for my Vagus nerve

move my body - exercise, swim, walk, whatever would feel good for my body and my day permits

eat delicious fresh unprocessed food as much as possible - I take most of my food with me

drink water - 2-3 litres a day

play - do something that lights me up and makes me laugh

rest - stop and rest if I need to, ensure I get as much quality sleep as possible

That's it.

No rules about when, where or how I do it.

No beating myself up if I don't do all those things - although I pretty much always do.

Keeping it simple and achievable.

My consistency is doing the things.

My inconsistency is how, when and where I do them.

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