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Do you ever get excited about something and then overwhelmed?

I was so freaking excited, of course I said yes. Then reality hit. How on earth was I actually going to fit everything in? Doh, I've done it again.

Do you ever get excited about something and then get overwhelmed?

Sometimes I take on more than I can handle. I'm an excitable person, I love it, it gives me zest and energy and creativity. But it can also be my worst enemy. I'm naturally a giver, I'm quick to support others and often forget to fill my own cup.

When I'm genuinely excited about something I take a beat and ask myself a few key questions.

Does it feel right? Is it in alignment with who I am, what I want to bring to the world, my why?

Can I actually fit that in? Am I able to achieve this in a way that feels really good for me or is even the idea of it stressing me out? Can I be supported by my team, friends, colleagues to make it possible?

Is the energy exchange there for me? This could be money or it could be something else? But most importantly is the energy I'm putting in balanced by the return; financial or otherwise. Or am I doing it because I think I should do it?

If the answer is yes to all of the above then it's all systems go if not then I gracefully decline.

Message me up if you'd like to chat about how you can shift from overwhelm to alignment. It's fun!

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