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Don't tell me what to do, empower me with your experience

Don't tell me what to do, empower me with your experience. Teach me why you do it the way you do so I can make it my own.

This has happened in real life. It sets me up to handle some really random situations that come my way at times.

For productions and projects we don't re-invent the wheel each time, we use previous work as the baseline, add learnings and shape it to work to the specific requirements of the new project drawing on our experience as well as the team's to adapt.

No two projects are identical even if they seem that way on the surface. The scope and deliverables change. The team dynamics change. So the approach evolves.

Coaching, just like in my professional work, I've explored, experienced and studied a wide variety of modalities that I draw on with curiosity, creative and critical thinking to support my clients.

This is why I don't use a cookie cutter approach. There is a baseline to work from and then together we co-create the coaching experience. That means it's unique to you, meeting you where you're at.

We create your recipe from a smorgasbord of ingredients that I've collected over the years...much like the spice draw in my kitchen.

Pilates, a body, mind and spirit practice

Pedagogy, education, teaching and learning

Developmental and educational psychology studies

Human Resource Management and Leadership

Project Management



Experiential and Active Learning

Family Systems Theory

Emotional Genealogy, also known as lineage

Quantum Theory in relation to human and personal development

Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP)

Neuro Plasticity

Health, nutrition, wellbeing and wellness


Neuro Rehabilitation in Pilates

Energy Healing

and so much more

There's a true mix of a whole lot professional and a little bit woo woo to work with you to co-create the exact right mix for you.

Do you want to find your own way to create the life you desire? Send me a message to chat about about how we can co-create your own unique coaching experience.

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