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Fun, playful, healthy movement is easier to keep up

Fun, playful, healthy movement is far easier to keep up for the long term when it doesn’t feel like effort because you love it so much. Many healthy activities don’t even feel like exercise.

When I teach Pilates I weave in light hearted cues that often elicit a few giggles or full out laughs. It's largely for effective cueing, but also because making clients giggle creates a positive association with the quality movement experience and they're more likely to remember the instructions.

One of my favourite moments at the end of a Pilates class is when clients can't believe almost an hour has passed. They were so present and having so much fun they didn't notice the time and they feel really good. Hearing that makes me so happy 🤸‍♀️

For myself I like to make up little challenges or games when to make exercising more fun. You can often catch me dancing to some fun beats while on the bike between teaching classes, having a silent sing to myself, or seeing how many strokes I can do before I need to take my next breath when swimming. I'm a big kid who's loves to play and it makes it way more fun.

What motivates you to exercise and play with movement?

What’s your jam? Do you practice yoga, Pilates, go to the gym so you can enjoy an activity you love like kite surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing, soccer or similar or is it because you ‘have’ to go?

Have you ever wanted to exercise but it all seems too hard or perhaps stuck in a rut and want to change it up?

If you’d like to have a conversation that helps you find your ‘thing’ send me a message here and let’s have a cup of tea together and chat or book here

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