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Funny Pilates teacher concentration faces are my speciality

Turns out capturing a still moment while teaching online is harder than I thought…teaching virtually means lot of talking = funny faces…this is the most normal looking facial expression I could capture from video of me teaching…concentration face is on point.

Movement and in particular mindful movement is an important part of taking good care of both our physical and mental health. With gyms and studios remaining closed as isolation and lockdowns continues finding practices that support our wellbeing are paramount.

Add a little fun playful movement with some giggles with memorable imagery cues and you have a recipe for a practice that provides you the fundamentals for a well being. A practice with a teacher being there with you as if you’re in the room together allows you support your body, our nervous system and overall wellbeing.

Link is in my bio if you’d like to know more and you’re always welcome to DM me. I’ll give you a run for your money with funny concentration faces too.

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