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Green room award

I was nominated for and won a prestigious award that I didn’t know existed doing something I loved.

Working with Hugh Jackman and Kenny Ortega, director of High School Musical, Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ and world class Producers we created video content that at the time was cutting edge.

Working with Mr Jackman, being privy to his work ethic and how he treated every member of the crew with respect. He knows that every single person is part of creating the final show and he needs everyone to do their part so he can do his. The key is working as a team. Not only within our small group of specialists, as a whole crew.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the person producing the show, the star or the person ensuring there is enough toilet paper (because everybody poops and needs shit tickets). Everyone matters in creating a production. Same goes for life.

We need to be independent to ultimately be interdependent. Even being independent relies on others to build your vehicle, grow your food. short of living in a bubble we are all interdependent.

Do you struggle with being so independent and allowing yourself to be interdependent? Message me if you're looking to create your ultimate balance.






PS Hugh Jackman is divine to work with as the rumours say…and his wife Deborah Lee is a delight (and totally funny)

PPS if you’re wondering about the award. The screen content team won the Green Room Award for our creations. Every single person in the team contributed vital knowledge, skill and creativity to achieve the result we did.

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